What is the Leishmaniasis disease that spreading all over the world?


The corona virus, which has killed millions of people, is not over yet. Meanwhile another disease is spreading rapidly around the world. That is, Leishmaniasis.

Leishmaniasi is ranked 9th among the most harmful disease to the man in the world. The disease has already spread around the world. This disease is transmitted by the parasitic sand fly.

Leishmaniasis diseas can occur as painless bups or wounds. it is like a pimple. But sand fly bites is not alone cause the disease. Bites the parasite infected sandfly, it can take weeks or months for the disease to develop.

The disease consists of three parts and mainly wounds of the body. In the early stages, these lesions, which start as acne, gradually become very large wounds. If left untreated in the early stages, the wounds can develop and damage the internal organs of the body. The virus can spread to other parts of the body, and that can even lead to death. Thesw marks of the wounds caused by Leishmaniasis disease can sometimes to remain indelible for a lifetime.

However there are several common symptoms of leishmaniasis. Accordingly, weight loss, weakness, fever that lasts for weeks or months, enlarged spleen, enlarged liver, decreased production of blood cells, bleeding, swollen lymph nodes are the main ones.

If you have a pimple with itchy on your body, you should seek medical treatment immediately. The mainstay of treatment for Leishmaniasis is the injection of a specific drug into the skin associated with the wound.

They are biting in the morning and evening. Mosquito repellents can be used to prevent sand flies bites, such as using mosquito nets and keeping the environment clean. Always clean the body of children with soap after playing outdoors. Remember, these disease can also infect pets such as dogs and cats.

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