Your little carelessness will make you lose your eyes forever.symptoms of cancer

symptoms of cancer

symptoms of cancer.We know about cancers like oral, lung , breast, uterine. But what most people don’t know is cancer also occurs in the eyes. Many people suffer from eye cancer because of ignorance and neglect. Here is the information about eye cancer.

01. How does eye cancer occur?

If the cells in the eye tissue undergo a change and grow faster than the other cells, it can cause to abnormal cell growth. This can occur as a tumor condition.

This abnormal growth of the eye is referred to as primary eye cancer or internal cancer of the eye.

02. The symptoms of eye cancer.

The symptoms of eye cancer can be difficult to distinguish from other eye diseases. Poor vision is the most common symptom of eye cancer

The main feature is the appearance of floating images of transparent shimmer, like dots or worms. Sometimes a tiny black dot appears in one area of ​​the eye and it size and shape can vary. Only an ophthalmologist can diagnose this condition.

Abnormal growth of the internal tissue of the eye is common in eye cancer. This is called abnormal overgrowth of cells in three parts of the eye tissue.

03. Retinoblastoma.

Retinal cancer (Retinoblastoma) most commonly reported in children under 5 years of age.

This can be detected by the appearance of the pupil in one eye different from the other eye.

Swelling of the lymph nodes in the interior of the eye can spread throughout the lymphatic system. It also has lymph nodes. Those lymph nodes may develop into a cancer condition.

Their symptoms vary from person to person.

04. Conjunctiva Melanoma Cancer.

This cancer can occur along the outer part of the eyeball and  between the innermost part of the eyelids. In the early stages of it can be seen as a black dot or a pimple.

05. Lacrimal Gland Cancer.

This is a very rare form of cancer. This cancer is occur by the tear glands in the eye. These glands are located in the upper and lower corners of the eye.

06. Eyelid Cancer.

It begins as a skin cancer and can develop on the outside of the eyelids. Most common is on the lower eyelid.

07. Secondary eye cancer.

A cancer in another organ of the body it can spread and affect to the eyes. It is a secondary eye cancer.

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